Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time to start packing!!!!!

Everything is a go!!! Tickets got booked today and we are leaving town on Feb. 17th VERY early in the morning for Ethiopia!! Woohoo! Now the REAL countdown begins! Exactly 3 weeks away and my head is still spinning!!!! Actually, it's quite literally "spinning" right now as it's completely plugged up and I'm SICK! =( Please pray that I'll be better soon b/c it is definitely slowing me down, and I don't have time for that! Thank goodness we are almost done painting...........3 weeks around paint fumes has done a number on my sinuses. I'm SO excited though, and I know 21 days will fly by!

REALLY thankful that last night I got to hang out with a wonderful group of moms who've all either adopted from ET or are in the process. They're all so sweet and it's so great to glean their "wisdom". One thing I learned is NOT to use the airline we were planning on using! (Which also HAPPENS to be the one that crashed into the Mediterranean this week!!!) (So glad I didn't book yesterday!) I guess even "small" people feel very cramped like sardines for the looooooong flight ( 17 hours straight) each way, going and coming between Ethiopia and Washington D.C. So, when I told my 6'5" not-tiny husband that, he wasn't so glad to hear! It's one thing to have your knees tucked up into your chin for a couple of hours, but for a whole day....... NOT GOOD! I'm going to need this man to be feeding/changing baby or entertaining a toddler much of the time!! =) We are so glad though that our 12 year old son will be going too, and I know he'll be a wondeful help to us. He's gotten his practice in from helping me babysit kids these past couple of years and I know it'll be a blessing for us to have his extra set of hands. We're so thankful that money was given to us for him to go along. We hadn't originally planned on him going, but I know it will be an amazing experience that he'll never forget!

I guess if there is a down side to our new travel itinerary it's that we have to stop in Sudan. Yeah.....a little scary, BUT we don't have to get off, only sit there while other people get on/off. I'll be praying the whole time!!!! My friend Michelle says we need to take pepper spray with us on our trip....... anybody got some extra on hand??? =)


  1. Great news! Make sure you get in contact with Tikuret and arrange your visit. :)

  2. Exciting times Nancie! We will be praying for you as you prepare!

  3. Hope you get better soon! It would stink to be sick on your trip!

    As for the airlines, everyone has their own opinion, I suppose. We flew ET Air and it was great. What airline are you going with now?

    And pepper spray!?!?! We never came close to needing anything like that!!

    3 weeks will pass so soon! Enjoy the ride. :)

  4. Hi Hams! We're Ben and Susan Rice, back from ET on Jan 9th with Ezekiel Eyasu. You're with AW, right? I have a friend Angie Reedy who has a friend Jennell(sp?), who connected us to you. We're in Bloomington (IL), just down the road. We'd love to get plugged into that big group of adoptive families that's based over in Peoria. Neato. We had a great trip! Praying that yours will also be very smooth. Is it working out for you to go to visit a member/s of the birth family? Well, many blessings on you. Enjoy each moment. Remember that God is holding onto you tightly. :D much love, Susan Rice