Monday, January 4, 2010

Sweet Edilu

Well, until we come up with a suitable name for this sweet boy, he'll continue to be known as Edilu or Eddy as our kids sometimes call him! Most of you have already seen these pictures of him, the first taken a month after being at the orphanage, and still looking somewhat malnourished. It's easy to see why the police gave him the name "Lucky/ Edilu" as they considered how different his fate would have been had they found him at a later hour/day. We can't wait to teach him of his story, and how his coming to us is SO much more than luck or chance! God's hand was on him even while he lay there alone, abandoned, and wasting away in front of that church building. God purposed to bring beauty from ashes.............
Isn't God good to take the difficult, ugly, and painful circumstances of life and turn them into something extraordinary and beautiful? We may not always understand this side of heaven WHY he allows the suffering, but we can be sure as believers in Christ that his promise is also true in our own lives. One of my favorite verses has always been Romans 8:28 which says that God weaves everything together for the GOOD of His children. Nothing is wasted, he uses it all! I love knowing that no matter what trials lie ahead for me in my life, God, like a tapestry designer, has the beautiful finished pattern in mind. It may look random and senseless at times, but He is a masterpiece artist and I am so thankful I can trust Him.

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  1. SO excited to be sharing in your journey. Your children are beautiful. Can't wait to meet them in person! :o) Blessings on the Ham family.