Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Waiting..........and working!

Lots of STUFF to sort through before painting can begin. It's AMAZING how many "treasures" little boys can stuff/collect under their beds and in their drawers..........rubbermaids FULL! (definitely some pack rats here!)

The boys weren't so thrilled that the red paint on the bunk beds ended up looking sort of "hot pink"! Red Gloss Spray paint to the rescue..........but that was a mistake INDOORS! MESSSSY!!!! (LOVE the color, though!)

We received birth certificates back a couple of days ago, but Edilu's birth year was wrong. (I'm trying not to grumble.....) Our case worker is hoping it can be fixed quickly, but we are waiting for word. In the mean time I got a call from our Homestudy social worker saying that the State of Illinois needs another paper showing Hana's official relinquishment! (Grrrr..........STILL trying not to grumble!) There are always these little suprises and set backs; We KNEW there would be so we just have to chill out and wait. Hopefully we'll be able to confirm travel dates and airfare SOON! Atleast it's not like we don't have TONS to do in the meantime! We're still keeping plenty busy making preparations in every way for bringing them home. It's crazy how much goes into it, and every day I think of something else to add to the list! Our parents have been a HUGE blessing in helping us get things done, and SO many people have offered help in one way or another! WE. ARE. BLESSED.!!! Hopefully more news to come...................SOON!


  1. I've been wondering how things are going so it's nice to see an update.

    From the sounds of it, we may be traveling about the same time. We are awaiting confirmation on our February 22nd Embassy date and will be leaving sometime around February 16th.

  2. That would be awesome to travel with you guys! I hope it works out!!!

  3. It's sooo cute the way you think you are SOOOOO busy now! Just wait till the real games begin! We are so excited for you!

  4. loving that wall color, nancie!! what a happy home you have : )
    Jenny D