Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting to know you...........

So FUN to see pictures of our two new ones TOGETHER!!! Hana and Edilu were both moved to this transition home in January, but before that were in separate orphanages 4 hours apart and had never seen each other. Even in this current transition home, Edilu is pretty much kept in the "baby area" where all the cribs and baby toys are lined up, so they don't really see each other very often. We were thrilled to get photos of them
spending a little time together. I wonder what Hana thinks about being told this is her new baby brother? =) She seems to like him in the photos!!!! Of course, she might think differently when she's stuck next to him on the plane for hours and hours and he's crying in her ear! Only time will tell..........actually only 15 more days til TAKE OFF!!!!

We are still crazy busy.........organizing, sorting, finding missing crib hardware, digging in the attic for baby stuff, etc., etc, etc.... We have been so blessed by so many who have helped us! We're SO SO thankful for our friends and family! I AM feeling a bit better, although still hanging onto the sinus stuff and praying it's gone very SOON! Should help now that we are ALMOST done painting! Just our upstairs bathroom and our bedroom baseboard trim to go.......

Below are some pictures I just received this morning of Hana and Edilu with the little photo albums we sent them over a week ago! We filled the albums with pictures of our faces and home so they could get a little aquainted with us before we pick them up in a couple of weeks. Looks like Eddy likes Hana's album better than his own! Maybe once he figures out that he can chew on the handle, he'll like it more! =)

Thanks for your continued prayers!!!!!!!!!


  1. So amazing to see your family coming together in these pictures!!! We are SUPER excited for you!

  2. Thanks for sharing! They're adorable! Praying for your family as the day draws near when you can be together!