Friday, January 22, 2010

ALMOST there!!!!!!

Seems like there is always ONE MORE THING you have to wait on!! Well, Edilu's Embassy physical is finished and was fine. Because Hana is older she had to have the TB skin test done (different way of testing for babies), and the results will be back on Monday! So 3 more days of waiting until we can actually purchase tickets and have them IN hand! She would've been tested for TB before, but must be tested again before leaving the country. If it would HAPPEN to be positive, I think she'd have to stay longer and have some treatments first before allowing her into the US. We're praying NOT! Will keep you posted................. =)


  1. Exciting as you check off each thing on the list! Praying all is well with Hana! Then you can go get your hands on those kids!

  2. So close!!! Just keep really busy this weekend, Monday will be here in no time.

  3. Hooray!!! I am so excited for you guys and can't wait for more updates. Can't stop smiling!