Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our little Hana

Here are some snippets of video taken of Hana at her orphanage. They are only like 30 seconds each, but we were grateful to have anything! She has been at this orphanage for the past 6 months and these were taken at various times throughout. The orphanage workers have become her "family" and we were told that she 's very frightened of being taken out of the orphanage compound for any reason, like when she must go get blood drawn. Please pray for our sweet girl as she will be moved from this orphanage in the next few days and will go to a transition home where they'll prepare her for our coming to take her home. She must have an Embassy physical and apply for a passport/visa among other things they need to do. She won't know anyone at the new home and will probably just be getting used to things about the time we come to take her home. ( I asked if she could just stay where she is and we could pick her up there, but that wasn't an option. ) So, I'm praying God will protect her little 3 year old heart from the confusion in her world right now. Please pray with us.......Thank you guys for all your encouraging notes...........they are wonderful! =)


  1. What a treasure those videoes are. Hana is so very beautiful!

    Nathan sat and watched these with me and then said Hana, Hana... over and over. :)


  2. So sweet...thank you for sharing!