Monday, December 14, 2009

Ring phone........RING!!

Today, Hana's case went to court in Ethiopia! Our case worker emailed me this morning to say that she is watching her inbox intently for news on Hana's case and will call as SOON as they get word. I guess since ET is 6 hours ahead of us, we should know before afternoon. Our family prayed together this morning that God's will would be done, and our kids went off to school to pray in their morning "prayer circle" for Hana and her birth mother today. Her birth mom must show up in court today to relinquish her. I can't imagine the pain it must bring her mother to give this precious girl up for adoption b/c she knows the circumstances in her own life make it impossible to raise Hana. "Lord, bless this momma today. Comfort her heart. If she does not know you, Lord, bring her to yourself and help her to trust you and to know the peace that only you can give. Help her to know that her little girl is in your hands. She doesn't know US Lord, but our lives will forever be connected..........give her the strength she needs to keep going. Bring glory to yourself through this situation, Lord"

We know his timing and ways are often NOT ours, so we are trusting him no matter what happens today. God is good.......ALL the time, and his plan is perfect. We appreciate your prayers!
Love, Nancie

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  1. Hope everything turns out the way "HE" wants them to!