Monday, December 21, 2009

Goint to Naperville to be re-fingerprinted

We are heading out very early this morning to the USCIS (U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Office) up in Naperville to be re-fingerprinted. We had them done 15 months ago, but they are set to expire on January 9 JUST before we'll end up traveling! So, they give us a day and time, and we just gotta show up!! It's about 3 hours away, but atleast there are some fun stores we can hit while we're up there to break up the trip. Trader Joes is one of my favorite grocery stores ever and there are none around here, so we'll make a little jaunt in there. Also, we've bought NOTHING yet for our kids for Christmas, and although they really are'nt expecting anything this year, we want to look for a small thing for each of them. Alivia told me the other day that for Christmas she wanted a new folder for school b/c her pink horse one is tearing! I told her I think mom and dad can handle THAT!! (Since they're only like 99 cents!) She is so easy to please, and I hope she always stays that way!

Tomorrow is a down day at home, and I will definitely work on adding some more pictures/ videos of the kids! Everything is still a little sur-real, but it's starting to sink in.........we really do have 5 kids, but 2 of them are half way across the world! It may not completely sink in until we hold those 2 in our arms! We are still just praising God for the way Hana and Edilu went through court so smoothly. I got some really precious pictures of Hana with her birth mom a couple of days ago. They drove her over to the orphanage after court, so that she could say goodbye to Hana. I cried as usual, and Ethan who was standing next to the computer, said "Mom, you ALWAYS cry when you get these pictures........" Yep, I do!

Thanks for your continued prayers........ =)


  1. We may be making another trip to Naperville for another set of prints before everything is said and done. Our prints expire in March and since we still don't have a court date, I'm guessing we may not be traveling before our prints expire. Ugh!!!

    Also, based on the tears when seeing pictures of the kids, I would advise you take a few boxes of Kleenex or Puffs on the trip with you :-) I know I'm considering buying stock in one or both companies before we leave. LOL!

  2. Trader Joe's is one of our favorites, too! We have 2 that are within 20 min. of us, and 1 about 30 min. from us. And I complain that we don't have 1 closer. I'm such a spoiled brat. :) btw, they have some fun Christmas treats! ;) Can't wait to see more photos of your little ones. And having 5 kids---it is FUN! Although going from 3 to 5 must be surreal. We were able to transition from 4 to 5. What is it about 5 that seems like so many? Be prepared for people to say WHAT!? You have FIVE kids?! Are you CRAZY!? We just smile, say yes, then bite our tongue. ;) As Bert tells people, we are millionaires. We wouldn't trade 'em for a million bucks! (And then he proceeds to tell them he wouldn't give a plug nickel for another one, though! ;) Of course he says it all w/ a twinkle in his eye and a big wink! ;) Have fun on your little trip!!!
    Hugs, Molly

  3. Ugh! We had to get reprinted too. Such an early morning for such a long drive. :( Glad you can run some errands and make it fun! Have a great Christmas as a family of 7!

  4. As I get on a plane to fly AWAY from Africa and "our baby", I am rejoicing for your family...

  5. We are praying for you....WOW!!! So exciting!